Consider When Making Plans

  • Who will want a chance to express their care for your family, say goodbye and acknowledge your life and memory?

  • ​What kind of Gathering would be most suited to your family, reflect your life and feelings and provide your family a comforting experience?


Greatful Gathering® Options

  • ​Families find great meaning and comfort with the opportunity to see their loved one at a time of sharing with others. This Gathering provides loved ones time to see your peaceful presence, followed by a time of sharing thankfulness and gratitude through stories and inspiration.

  • ​Flexibility of time and place are often reasons for some who choose a memorial or graveside Gathering for a sharing time with family and friends. Traditional or unique venues can be host to expressions of love and life, providing solace and support.


  • ​Often a reception with food and/or beverage is a part of these experiences and extends the comfort and reflection.


​​​Commemorate Final Rest

  • ​Families find comfort in the choices after the Greatful Gathering®. Earth burial (green options), mausoleum, niche, columbarium, or private scattering are each unique and meaningful considerations. 


Often in making plans for when death occurs, people choose cremation. It provides a variety of options for final rest, allows ease if traveling to another location, and allows flexibility in timing and place for ceremony.

​A misunderstanding comes when families think there is no need for some expression in ceremony, i.e., Greatful Gathering®, with the cremation. The procedure of cremation is only the care of the body for final rest. When making this one-time decision, be sure to have a meaningful conversation with family who will benefit by Gathering with others, to appreciate and acknowledge your life.

​As you can see to the left under Greatful Gathering® Options, all ceremony options are available to you with the choice of cremation.

​Remember, "Death is evidence a life was lived." Your life matters, and for those to whom it does, they will heal easier when you leave plans to gather.  


How important is it to you to have an opportunity to see me at a Gathering with family and friends before the Greatful Gathering® and final rest?

Things to ask yourself:

  • Are my Greatful Gathering®, ceremony, wishes known by those making arrangements?
  • ​Do I have plans for my final rest if I choose cremation?
  • ​Is all my vital information gathered to provide for a death certificate?
  • ​Have I found and set aside pictures that would be meaningful and inspirational when people gather to remember me?
  • Have I chosen and made assignment for my funeral provider?
  • Where will my survivors go to get all the questions answered upon my death?
  • ​Have I done what I can to provide the most peace of mind for my survivors?

​If you answer "no" to any one of these questions, please give Melanie Loyd a call for a no-cost consultation.  785-330-3613

Greatful Gathering®

"In It For Life"

If choosing cremation, where will be the most meaningful setting for you to visit, reflect and provide me a permanent resting place?

Begin the conversation by asking your loved ones these questions:

Will you find more meaning in a religious ceremony or more casual sharing time?

Equipping Funeral Professionals with C.A.R.E.Ring®

A Greatful Gathering® is an intentional pause to acknowledge a loved one who has died,

by expressing appreciation, thankfulness and gratitude

for the things that

characterize them.  


Satisfaction, comfort and assurance are experienced when a Greatful Gathering® is planned and paid for before one's death occurs. It is the one thing certain in life yet so often, planning is left to those who need the most comfort and care.

​Melanie Loyd has spent years caring for families who experienced the loss of a loved one. Also, her career equipping funeral professionals in compassionate care of families, qualifies her as the best consultant when people want to  make plans in advance.

​Her motto:  "Prepare for death and get busy living!" Preparation is making sure your family has confidence of your wishes, assuring their peace-of-mind, and setting aside resources to cover costs.

​Equally important, is to preserve and protect your information for the Gathering, final rest, life story (obituary), death certificate, photos/videos and music selections.

Melanie has a unique, one-of-a-kind method of taking care of all your essential details which will provide you the ability to live freely knowing all is well when that unknown event occurs.

Peace-of-mind and assurance that plans are in place, allow your loved ones to focus on their healing and memorializing you. Waiting to plan can create additional emotional burdens by having to make decisions in a hurry and may present a financial obligation. It is best to , "Prepare for death and get busy living!"  ​​