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Complete Cremation®

  • Families who select cremation are motivated a variety of ways. Knowing what they are and constructing language that is sensitive, understood, and effective is appreciated and profitable. This workshop explores the why and provides a method to lead families to a full experience in acknowledging the life of their loved-one, options for final rest and a sense of satisfaction that all was done according to their wishes or convictions. The results of this workshop are measured using the Cremation Ceremony Goal Table® and No-Ceremony Worksheet® showing increase in ceremony with cremation.

               •  Your directors / advisors will have a consistent ability to communicate to all families who select cremation in a manner that has proven results in leading to ceremony. Using this approach, in most cases, meaningful merchandise is selected regardless of choice of ceremony, adding to the increase of contract average and family satisfaction. Built-in accountability and review of direct cremation is included with the measurement tools provided.

                    ¨       Participants – Funeral Directors

                                                   Advance Planning Advisors

                                                   Class size, 10-12.

  • Instructor led. Workbook provided.

Complete Care Cremation™ is an innovative, edgy and effective approach to caring for families who select cremation. It can become signature to your business in that it communicates a full, meaningful and fulfilling C.A.R.E. experience unlike others. With this coaching program you also are entitled to brand your marketing products using the logos below.

Equipping Funeral Professionals with C.A.R.E.Ring®

Complete Care Cremation