Be sure to listen to the video. An example of insight and inspiration.

C.A.R.E.Ring "Incite"

Equipping Funeral Professionals with C.A.R.E.Ring®

"In It For Life"

Take C.A.R.E.™ to view the video at right. This is a sampling of the kind of inspiration, enthusiasm and insightful messages available to you. Intended to incite with insight!!

We equip and coach funeral professionals to champion each one of these front door encounters for guests. There are no, "do-overs," with first impressions. Our equipping and coaching is the same. We get it right, the first time!

~ PLUS ~

C.A.R.E.fully™ written articles are available for your insight and inspiration. Click for copies from the menu below:

"Cremation and the Analogy of the Runner" ~ Valuable disciplines and principles when meeting with families.

"Come on and Get Valuable" ~ Proven, effective method for describing choices and why it is important to the family.

"Lighten Up" ~ The importance of the Funeral Director.
"One Little Thing" ~ Change isn't difficult . . . deciding to change is the challenge.

"Value Language" ~ Effective language in describing all you have to offer.

"What's the Good Word?" ~ Language matters.