"In It For Life"

Equipping Funeral Professionals with C.A.R.E.Ring®

Mission Statement
To equip and coach funeral professionals to lead families with C.A.R.E.® in memorable experiences at every 
touch point and in ceremony, building heritage and business.

Melanie Loyd
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For nearly two decades, directly and indirectly, I have been involved with caring for families who have experienced a death. As a trainer for a corporation that owns funeral homes and cemeteries, I coached and equipped funeral directors and support staff. Before that, as a Chaplain, around the arrangement table, counseling or officiating funeral ceremonies, I encouraged families to reflect and reach for meaningful ceremony experiences.

My earliest career began in the hospitality industry where I managed a restaurant and later owned my own catering business. I also shared my experience as a college instructor of Hospitality Management. In two Chambers of Commerce, I spent over a decade managing staff and dozens of volunteers as Executive Director. During these years, I presented Guest Services workshops, DiSC© seminars, and wrote and facilitated many workshops in personal and professional development.

My convictions and passion remain; equipping professionals in caring for families when death occurs. So to speak, I’m, “In it for life!” I often say, “We can’t raise the dead, but we can elevate a life.” I am here to assist at-need and advance planning staff, discover effective and meaningful ways of leading families to an intentional pause to reflect. Some call it a funeral, some call it a gathering, and some even call it a, “get together.”

Changes are occurring. Perceptions of those who choose cremation need understanding. Communication is critical and knowing how to respond to, “We just want . . .,” is essential. I provide techniques, principles and inspiration to address these topics and more. Please check out each of the pages and consider giving me a call to discuss your wishes.